Ep8: Carley @ontherowedagain


Today’s interview is with Carley, the dogmom to Cudi and Rowe @ontherowedagain, two Kansas Australian shepherds that have made their way all over the midwest.

One of the local places that Carley likes to go with her doggos is to Lehigh Portland Trails near Iola, Kansas. A bit further is Natural Falls State Park in Oklahoma, and Ha Ha Tonka State Park in Missouri. But her favorite would be Wichita Mountains Wildlife Refuge in Oklahoma.

Carley is making a big life change and moving to Mount Vernon, Washington. Along the way, she’ll be taking a scenic trip, with some planned stops at Great Sand Dunes National Park and Crystal Mill, in Colorado. Next is Medicine Bow, Wyoming for a group camping trip. Then onto City of Rocks National Reserve in Idaho, Yosemite National Park  in California, up the coast to Big Sur, Redwood National Park, Canon Beach in Oregon, and on to Mount Vernon.

For Cudi and Rowe, Carley likes her Kurgo Quantum leash and Journey Air harness. She almost exclusively uses bandanas from Urban Hound Co. For her personal gear she likes her Danner boots, Chacos, and her Yeti cooler.

Carley had just a few shoutouts to @girlmeetsmerle, @finnyschminny, and our past guest @red.and.the.blue.duo.

Thanks for listening!!


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