Ep7: Jade @Red.and.the.Blue.Duo


Today, I interview Jade, the dogmom of Wilson and Bruce @red.and.the.blue.duo, two awesome blue heelers that are just as at home on the Nevada playa as they are in the mountain snow.

In Reno, they hang out at their local dog park at Rancho San Rafael Regional Park, Hunter Creek trail, and down by the Truckee River, which runs through  downtown Reno. But several times a week, they make the trip over to the Mt. Rose and Lake Tahoe area for lots of shaded trail hikes. One of the resources Jade uses to locate trails in Lake Tahoe area is www.alltrails.com.

We also talked a little bit about their adventures on BLM land, or Bureau of Land Management, which is public land. The BLM website, found at www.blm.gov is a great resource for finding amazing places to go visit and information for camping, hiking, and other activities on public lands. For places that require permits, such as their upcoming backpacking trip to Desolation Wilderness located in Eldorado National Forest, check out www.recreation.gov.

Jade is super excited about her Groundbird Gear backpack with a custom made harness for Wilson, and uses a Ruffwear pack for Bruce. She uses Ultrapaws dog boots to protect their pads in the desert. For her gear, she relies on her Jetboil stove, a Big Agnes tent, and a new backpack from Exped. As for their food, she uses Only Natural Pet Easyraw in addition to their normal kibble. For treats, she’s a fan of Ruff Bars.

Jade gave a couple of shoutouts to @desert.duo, @heytheredelilahthedog, and @adventures.with.z.

For the intro to the episode, I talked about a few electrolyte products that I’ve personally used and can recommend. My favorite is Elete Electrolyte Add-in for active hydration. In emergencies, I carry Hammer Nutrition Endurolytes and have also used Saltstick Fastchews. For dogs, I don’t have any recommendations yet other than standard feeding and additional snacks to maintain healthy levels of electrolytes. If you’re really interested, here’s a rather in-depth look at hyponatremia in dogs and cats.

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