Adventure Dog Podcast Summer Update

Today’s episode is a brief summary of our most recent adventure, our fundraiser success and a few shout outs to listeners, some dog related scientific studies, and more!

Last week I completed a 50 mile run to raise awareness and money for All 4’s Rescue League @all4srescue, a rescue organization that works to bring relief to low income dog owners in at-risk and marginalized communities in Memphis, Tennessee. Along with donations from listeners, we were able to raise more than $250. With that money, All 4’s Rescue is able to provide dog houses, food, spay and neuter services, and education to owners who need a little help, especially in these tough times. If you would like to donate, please visit or at

A recent scientific study and article posted in The Journal of Animal Science sums up many previous studies done on the correlation between dilated cardiomyopathy and specialty diets such as grain-free or legume protein. The study is a terrific breakdown of many different results including some studies that seem to contradict each other. The study is peer reviewed and quite extensive, but a great read if you are interested in nutrition and dog health. Check it out in the June 2020 issue. There is also a series of articles about alternative protein sources in pet foods from the American Society of Animal Science.

Another study looked at the possibility that dogs were emotionally motivated to help their distressed owners. The study included 60 dogs that were put through a series of experiments to see if they were motivated to assist their trapped and distressed owners without a reward. The owners were put into a box enclosure with a removable door. To compare, the dogs were also tested to see if they would try to “free” a high value food treat from the box. The study showed that dogs were more likely to assist their owners, therefore showing the emotional bond was stronger than the desire for food. Check out all the details of this really cool study at the PLOS One scientific article website.

The Dog Days of Summer start July 22nd and last till August, so stay safe in this heat. One great way is to go out at night and look up at the sky! Sirius rises before dawn. There is also the NEOWISE comet in the northern sky at dawn and at night. And FIVE planets are visible right now!

If you have experience with orienteering and navigating in the backcountry, we want to hear from you! Email nathan@adventuredogpodcast or send us a message @adventuredogpodcast.

Thanks for listening!

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