Jessica and Gretel & Summit @YouDidWhatWithYourWiener

Today’s episode is with Jessica and her dachshund duo Gretel and Summit @youdidwhatwithyourwiener, celebrating a decade of her adventure dog diary on the aptly named blog She’s also the creator of the Adventurewiener Club of America!

Jessica left the corporate world and last year moved away from Seattle to focus on being a professional blogger and to give her dogs the life she felt they deserved. They settled just on the east side of the North Cascade mountain range. From there, Jessica has access to a network of quiet, unmarked community trails and backroads, just out her door. And because she now works from home, Jessica is able to get Gretel and Summit out nearly everyday for quality hikes.

Not too far from home, they have hundreds of options for adventuring in the PNW. The Mt. Baker area, Ptarmigan Ridge, Artist Point, Skyline Trail, Chain Lakes Loop, and Snow Lake are just a few they’ve done. On the south side of Mt. Baker are Park Butte Lookout and Maple Pass Loop, along the Hwy. 20 corridor, just outside the national parks. One of their favorites to the north and east, away from the crowds is Iron Peak. They’ve even done some backpacking on the Pacific Crest Trail!

Having previously worked in Olympic National Park, Jessica has a terrific amount of knowledge of places to go and things to do in and around the park that are dog friendly. A couple of those are Upper Big Quilcene Trail to Marmot Pass, and the Spruce Railroad Trail, as well as many beaches along the west coast of the park. Last year Jessica made the drive down to Death Valley National Park, where they met up with others and did an amazing amount of exploring while still following the National Park rules for having dogs in the park. Some of the spots that they checked out were Twenty Mule Canyon and Zabriski Point, as well as Racetrack Playa!

Her shout outs go to friend and travel partners Jen and Sitka @longhaultrekkers, Catra Corbett and TruMan @dirtdiva333, Stephanie and Frankie & Storm @pupfrankie, Rachel and River @whyld_river, @goldentrailz, and @trustyourtrail.

To learn how you can #RecreateResponsibly, check out the National Park Service page with a list of things you can do to safely adventure during Covid-19.

Thanks for listening!

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