Dr. Zinkus on Covid-19 @GermantownParkwayAH

Today’s episode is with my vet Dr. Angie Zinkus @germantownparkwayah and covers canine colds and Covid-19 concerns.

Just this past week, my dog and co-host Roux @rouxtheshark came down with a bit of a cough. While not severe, it did cause some concern and like any good pawrent, I took her to see our vet, Dr. Zinkus. Due to Covid-19 safety practices, I was not able to talk face to face with Dr. Z. But we did speak over the phone and we covered a few things about Bordetella, known as kennel cough, and Covid-19.

Bordetella is a bacteria that that causes a highly contagious respiratory illness, similar to bronchitis, in dogs. Since it can spread so easily in confined spaces, such as boarding facilities, it has become commonly referred to as kennel cough. Though it can be transmitted anywhere that dogs come into contact with one another. There is a vaccine available, but the efficacy of the vaccine is not perfect, since there are actually numerous bacterias that can cause kennel cough. It is also reassuring to know that most cases of kennel cough are easily treated.

We also delved into coronaviruses. Simply put, our pets are extremely unlikely to be affected by Covid-19, though felines tend to be more susceptible to the disease. To date, there is no evidence that the disease has been transmitted to a human from a companion animal. If you, as a pet owner, find yourself infected by this coronavirus, it is recommended that you limit your contact with your pets to prevent spreading the disease. It seems like common sense but still must be said, please do not use any type of disinfectant on your pet. Always consult your veterinarian first if you have any concerns or believe your pet is ill.

Here are a few links to information:

CDC guidelines about Covid-19 and “If You Have Pets”

OiE World Organization for Animal Health Q&A on Covid-19

CDC FAQ for Covid-19 and Animals

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