Amy @GoPetFriendly

Today’s episode is with Amy @gopetfriendly, who along with her husband Rod, has spent the last ten years inspiring others to travel with their dogs, and learning how to adventure at home with dogs wherever their home may be.

Back in 2008, Amy and Rod had already been traveling with their Shar Pei pup Ty, when they rescued a big German Shepherd. Buster, who quickly became a part of the family, made traveling difficult because of his size and breed. After a three week long trip that required a lot of difficult planning, Amy and Rod decided to launch a website to make travel planning for pet owners much more simple. The website started in 2009. Beyond just basic planning, the site offered information on as many dog and pet friendly restaurants, museums, attractions, and other businesses as they could find.

In the beginning, much of the information in the database was gathered manually. In 2010, Amy and Rod decided to pull up roots in Philadelphia, buy an RV, and prove how easy it could be to go on the road with pets. Their “paws on the ground” research led them to writing articles, starting a blog, and growing the website. Originally their plan was to settle back down, but as the years passed, Amy and Rod realized that they were accustomed to living their lives on the road. They adapted their businesses and focused their activities around being happy with Ty and Buster. The one “big” adventure Amy was proudest of, was their year long journey around the lower 48 states and D.C. in 2017. The trip culminated in the publishing of The Ultimate Pet Friendly Road Trip, which covers their trip to the top pet friendly attractions in each state.

Though both Ty and Buster have passed on, they lived amazingly happy lives. Everyday was full of exciting experiences and new adventures. Their legacy continues to live on through the Go Pet Friendly website and collection of amazing photos and memories in their Instagram account. More than just a following, Amy and Rod have worked to build a community. As they celebrate ten years of living a life of adventure, they are continuing to grow their brand and look forward to what the future holds.

Thanks for listening!

For at home dog activities during the quarantine, I recommend trying the #train20challenge or other daily training programs.

For more information on scent work, check out the American Kennel Club’s site and find their recommended list of scent work kit supplies here.

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