Julie & Ginny @GinnyTheHound

Today’s episode is with Julie and her sweet girl Ginny @ginnythehound, a bluetick coonhound who, even as an adult dog, is constantly learning new skills and becoming more adventurous. Currently, Julie and Ginny are working towards completing their NH48.

During the week Julie works as an obedience trainer near her home in Massachusetts and generally bring Ginny along, who is crate trained. When they are not able to get out for a daily walk, Julie is able to exercise Ginny at work on a treadmill. For her mental exercise, Ginny is constantly working on new commands. Recently, Ginny was able to show off her excellent obedience while being on stage and back stage during the Boston Ballet’s production of Gisselle.

When they are able to get outside and adventure, some of their favorite local spots include Hopedale Pond and Parklands, with a trail around the entire pond. Also close by is Borderlands State Park, with a historic mansion on the grounds and more than 20 miles (32k) of hiking and biking trails. Further from home, and when they have the time, Julie and Ginny have been making the drive over to New Hampshire to hike the trails and summit peaks in the White Mountains. Currently, they have bagged seven of the 48 4000+ foot (1200m) peaks on the NH48 list. They have plans to start knocking off many of the peaks this summer with a goal of completion by the end of the year. Julie’s interest in hiking mountains started when they summited Mt. Moosilauke last year. Also last year, they had a chance to visit Acadia National Park, where they stayed in a dog friendly cottage and even had a sunrise hike at Cadillac Mountain. Also in Maine, they’ve visited Rangeley Lake State Park, and love the beach at Cape Cod in Massachusetts.

Julie loves her biothane long line.For winter hiking, Ginny wears a Hurtta Extreme Warmer and Rexspecs goggles. And in case of emergencies, Julie keeps a Pack-A-Paw rescue harness from Mountain Dogware.

Julie gives a shout out to Roka @rokatheflyingaussie and Fern @fern_e_dog and their dogmom @pintsizedadventures_.

Thanks for listening!

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