Amanda and Leilani @AdventurePup_Leilani


Today’s interview is with Amanda, the dogmom to Leilani @adventurepup_leilania Seattle bully breed hiking her way around the PNW!

Originally from the island of Kuai and adopted in Washington, Lani has some favorite local hikes including her first big adventure at Rattlesnake Ledge, Snoqualmie Pass, and areas around Mt. Rainier National Park. Amanda included @sniffspots in her local favorites. By using their app or online at, dog parents can find local private places to play and explore without having to worry about reactivity problems with other dogs.

Further from home, Lani has visited areas of the North Cascade National Park, Idaho, Colorado, Wyoming, and Oregon, with a yearly visit to the Oregon coast for her Gotcha Day celebration. They plan on doing some camping in Oregon later this summer, and backpacking in North Cascades National Park soon.

For products that she uses, Amanda spoke about the Wonder Walker harness for training, the Hurtta Trail harness for hiking in, leashes and collars from @dogdoggoose, and her doggy sleeping bag from @whyld_river.

Her shout outs include @pnw_minimutts, @adventurewithmonsters, @riverthewhylddog, @wanderingridgebacks@sunsets_unleashed, and a super special shout out to her husband Brian @bigvu247.

Thanks for listening!

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