Ep:12 Leigh and Kodi @aufklrung1650, Mike and Rosie @rosievizslaruns

Today’s episode is a bit special, with TWO interviews about running with your dogs. The first is with Leigh and Kodiak @aufklarung1650. Kodi is a young husky malamute mix who is just starting into trail running in the Toronto area.

The second part is with Mike, the dogdad to Rosie @rosievizslaruns. Mike is a professional runner with a busy schedule but always finds time to run with Rosie around the Arlington, West Virginia area.

Leigh and Kodi have an amazing list of trails in and around Toronto, which includes the Mimico Creek Trail, the Humber River Recreation Trail, the Etobicoke Creek Trail, Don River Valley Trail, the Great Lakes Waterfront Trail, High Park, and the 560 mile/ 900km long Bruce Trail.

Mike and Rosie do their local runs along the Washington and Old Dominion Railroad Trail during the week. On the weekends, they head over to the Potomac Heritage Trail to get some technical trail running for longer distances. Rosie, who has some impressive speed, has run a personal best 16:00 5k and a 26:13 five mile race!

Leigh uses a harness from Lupine Pet. Their shoutouts include @davewiseto for his inspirational lifestyle. Leigh also spoke highly of her psychiatrist Dr. Edred Flak and doctors at Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto.

Mike uses a collar and harness from Ruffwear. Mike has a number of shoutouts including @mywhiskeygirl for some amazing photos, and real life vizsla friends @buckleythevizsla, @ryesutton, @sir_kilian_. Rosie, just like her dad, has a sponsor: @reddogcoffeeroasters! Last but not least, is @bigspoonroasters who are also vizsla owners and help fuel Mike’s runs.

Thanks for listening!

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