Ep:10 Kelly @FinnySchminny


Today’s interview is with Kelly, the dogmom to Finnegan @finnyschminny, an awesome floof of a little guy with lots of big California adventure.

Since the Los Angeles area is pretty busy, one of Finn’s favorite local places to go is to the beach, especially when it’s raining, and he gets the whole beach to himself! Some other favorite local spots would be near Mountain High Resort and the Wrightwood area of Angeles National Forest. Not too far from there, Kelly has adventured in and around Joshua Tree National Park, and a visit to the poppy super bloom at Antelope Valley Poppy Reserve.

At the time of our interview, her upcoming adventures with Finn include a camping trip to Mammoth Lakes near Yosemite National Park and a stop in the San Francisco Bay Area before heading home. Most of all Kelly is looking forward to her trip to Wyoming to meet up with several other dogmoms, including a few from previous episodes of the podcast.

Though we’ve already interviewed many of the people Kelly is friends with, she also wanted to shout out another small doggo @baxter.the.lil.gentleman. And one of her photo inspirations would be @keplerandduke. Kelly mentioned @wanderswild as a good source of information for raw feeding.

As for the rattlesnake aversion training that Kelly mentioned during the show, she shared the website for Natural Solutions in California, that also does training selectively in surrounding states.

Thanks for listening!

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