Kat & Johnny and Charlie, Goomba, Lilo & Stitch @TheCanineExplorers


Today’s episode is with Kat and Johnny who made it their business to explore offroad with their awesome pack of dogs: Charlie, Goomba, Lilo and Stitch @TheCanineExplorers in Southern California. They are also found online at www.TheCanineExplorers.com.

Kat, who’s had dogs since she was six years old, has had Charlie in her life since 2007. Not long after, Kat and Johnny met, and together they have grown their pack with Goomba in 2012, and then Lilo and Stitch in 2016. At that point, Kat who had been working with dogs, became a professional dog caretaker. Together, Johnny and Kat walk with their clients dogs in Orange County, and do overnight camping excursions as well! With their love of camping and being outdoors with their own dogs, camping trips with their clients dogs came quite naturally. Johhny’s experience with customizing their company Jeep and overland driving has allowed the pack to get out to some secluded spots, even in California.

Some of their favorite local spots include Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve, with a thirteen mile loop around the bay and near Newport Beach. Another dog beach they frequent is Huntington Beach Dog Beach. Silverado Canyon,  just a short drive east of Newport Beach, offers a couple of off road drives that they like. Further east, in San Bernardino National Forest, is Thomas Mountain, with more off road driving and plenty of primitive, dog friendly camping.

Recently, their first Canine Explorers Jeep was hit and totaled, but thankfully, everyone was safe. Kat and Johnny have quickly bounced back with another Jeep and are in the process of getting it fully outfitted again to get back on… or off the road! They recently took their newest jeep to Hungry Valley State Vehicular Recreation Area for the Front Runner Outfitters customer appreciation event. The event offered all types of off road courses from beginner to expert, as well as camping! For next summer, they are planning a trip to Mojave National Preserve for a more than 140 mile 4×4 drive through the Mojave desert!

Their shout outs go to Nikki and Xyla @california.tails, Brandi and her crew of “Fluffy Adventure Pups” @pbj_pack, Jillian with Mally and Apollo @blackdogsadventuring, and Thuy and Hiro @iamasuperhiro and also from SoCal.

For more info about driving an off road vehicle on federal or National Park lands, be sure to check out Driving Off Road in National Parks.

And to learn how you can TREAD Lightly while driving an off road vehicle, please check out www.treadlightly.org.

Thanks for listening!

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