Candace and Maggie & Lolita @magnolia.pie_adventuredog


Today’s episode is with Candace, the dogmom to Magnolia @magnolia.pie_adventuredog, an Australian heeler and her little sister Lolita, a Boston Terrier. Originally from Texas and now living in New York state, Maggie has become quite the adventure dog and is overcoming her fear of water alongside Lolita, who is very much a water loving pup.

Candace adopted Maggie with the purpose of having a hiking and adventuring buddy, including kayaking. After discovering Maggie’s fearful reactivity to water, Candace, who has a background in working with horses, has applied that experience to help Maggie  master her anxiety. Along with positive reinforcement, using the Harmonious blend herbal supplement from Kairos for Dogs @kairosfordogs has helped to improve Maggie’s reactivity.

To work on their skills, Candace and Maggie visit lots of small local parks and recreational areas including the Broome County Dozen Challenge with trails in multiple state, county, and town parks as well as some nature preserves. Two of the locations  she really enjoyed were Wolfe Park, in Chenango, and IBM Glen in Union, New York.

One of their first state parks they visited was Robert G. Wells State Park. Their first camping and hiking trip was at Robert H. Treman State Park, with numerous water falls all along the Gorge Trail and Rim Trail. The tallest is Lucifer Falls at 115 feet (35m). Most recently Candace and Maggie visited Chimney Bluffs State Park on Lake Ontario. They are making plans to visit Letchworth State Park, Hudson Valley, and Catskill Forest Preserve in Catskill Park.

Candace recommends the Ruffwear Webmaster Pro harness coupled with the BioThane Traffic Lead from Handle The Hound @handlethehound. Candace’s shout outs go to her husband, her IG friends @astoldbymason, @dawg4dog,  and her real life friend @vesteysylvia.

Thanks for listening!

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