Jason and Grimlock, SiriusBlack, Egon, & Ghost @OurPackRuns


Today’s episode is with Jason, the dogdad to Grimlock, Sirius Black, Egon, and Ghost @ourpackruns, a whole crew of running and hiking pups in Indianapolis. Jason @i_eat_spinach, along with his daughter Jayla, uses instagram to inspire people to get out and be fit with their dogs.

With four dogs that are all very different in their abilities, Jason and Jayla typically take each dog out separately for runs and hikes at their favorite local spot Eagle Creek Park. At 5,300 acres, Eagle Creek Park is the largest municipal park in Indianapolis and one of the largest in the United States. There’s more than 10 miles (16 k) of paths throughout the park. They’ve also been to Cataract Falls State Recreation Area, the largest waterfall in Indiana. Just to the south of Indianapolis is Brown County State Park, known as the “Little Smokies” with it’s similarity to the Great Smokey Mountains National Park in Tennessee.

Jason is planning on taking the entire pack to visit Turkey Run State Park, which has some amazing sandstone gorges along Sugar Creek, west of Indianapolis. Aside from just hiking this fall, Jason’s goals include training and taking part in a 5k race along with Sirius Black, the main runner in the family.

Jason recommends two items that he uses for his dogs. The first is the Gulpy water dispenser bottle and the second is any type of car restraint that keeps your dogs safely inside the car and restrained to the back seat. His shoutouts include Heather @being_shortt and her pups Lita, Penny, & Arizona, Beth & Meatball @sunflowerrun16, Melissa & Argos @Mel.runs.with.dogs, @keanuwolfdog in Germany, @Janelizabeth29, and @charitymiles for being a major part of Jason’s running inspiration.

For more info on finding a race to do with your dog, check out The Dog Race Database at www.runrepeat.com.

Thanks for listening!

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