Emma & Cooper @ThePerintonPup


Today’s episode is with Emma, the dogmom to Cooper @theperintonpup, the laidback super mutt with a super tongue from New York! From waterfalls to Wyoming, Cooper has an awesome collection of adventure photos on his account.

Cooper was adopted from Joyful Rescues @joyfulrescues in western New York, and more recently, Emma and her husband have been host to a couple of foster pups from Operation Freedom Ride. Both Red the coonhound and Jack the lab mix were able to find furever homes thanks to Emma.

Just a few of the local places Cooper has adventured include Green Lakes State Park, Stoney Brook State Park, Letchworth State Park, and the beautiful Taughannock Falls State park, with its namesake 215 foot (20m) waterfall!

Recently, Emma and Cooper made a two day drive to Denver, Colorado, to meet up with @Zephyr.Treks before caravanning north to Medicine Bow-Routt National Forest in Wyoming. There, they hiked and camped with the rest of the dogmoms and dogs from their IG chat pod! The nine women and twelve dogs spent five days adventuring and exploring the national forest!

Emma uses a Ruffwear harness for all of Coopers walks. For snowy conditions, they rely on Ruffwear boots to protect Cooper’s webbed paws. And for collars and leashes, Emma loves her Sloppy Chops Co. biothane long leads and collars. Her shout outs, of course go to all the dogmoms of her pod, most of whom have been on previous episodes: @adventure.yuki, @zephyr.treks@adventures.with.willow@baxter.the.lil.gentleman@dreamerdeus@duo.down.south@duodoggos@finnyschminny@ontherowedagain,   @red.and.blue.duo@wallywanderlust

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