Ashley and Socks & Echo @WanderingRidgebacks


Today’s episode is with Ashley, the dogmom to Socks and Echo @wanderingridgebacks, two trail trekking brothers in Washington state. Though Socks has been with his family since birth, Echo was recently rescued and miraculously returned after several years and tough circumstances. Echo is a “tripawd”, having had his right rear leg amputated at a young age. But his condition definitely doesn’t slow him down.

Some of their favorite local spots to adventure include Little Si Trail in Mount Si Natural Resources Conservation Area, Point Defiance Park,  and Paradise Valley Conservation Area, with a 13 mile network of trails. For some longer trail runs, they like the Pacific Crest Trail, which runs all the way from the Mexican border to Canada and is well known for through hiking.

For some of their bigger adventures, they enjoy heading to Bend, Oregon, to explore the many trails there. They are also only a few hours from North Cascades National Park. An upcoming adventure will be a backpacking trip to the Glacier Peak Wilderness.

Ashley makes her own line of biothane leashes and collars, which can be found @HandletheHound. Ashley uses the EzyDog Car Harness for car trips with the pups.

Her shoutouts include her friend Amanda and Leilani @adventurepup_leilani, her husband for being an amazing and supportive dogdad, and her friend Connie with Addie and Obi @goodenoughdogs. Some awesome family photos in Ashley’s feed are taken by Stephanie Keegan @stephkeeganphoto.

And here is Ashley’s list of Trail Etiquette Tips that she provided:

1. Leash your dog if you see another person/ dog even if you’re in an off leash area. This will insure hassle free passing for both parties. Plus not everyone likes dogs, and some people may even be afraid of dogs. It’s a good idea to keep everyone safe and happy.
2. PICK UP YOUR POOP! Pack it in pack it out! A tip for this is to carry an Odor Proof Sack.. they’re lightweight and will keep the odor from leaking into your bag!
3. Teach your pup to keep a healthy distance from wildlife. Not only does it keep the wildlife safe it can keep your pup safe.
4. This should go without saying but I’m going to say it anyway: DO NOT TAKE YOUR DOG WHERE THEY ARE NOT ALLOWED! IE trails in national parks etc
5. If you are safely able to, step off the trail with your pup to let other parties pass.
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