Gillian and Mally & Apollo @blackdogsadventuring


Today’s interview is with Gillian, the dogmom to Mally and Apollo @blackdogsadventuring, a mother and son duo of black labradors that work and play in the PNW. Both are trained retrievers for duck hunting and also spend a lot of time hiking, and exploring amazing places!

When they aren’t swimming at the river near their home close to Eugene, Oregon, they like to hike at Spencer Butte and Mount Pisgah. Not too far away, in the Bend, Oregon area, is Smith Rock State Park and the wonderfully named Misery Ridge Trail. They also make an annual camping trip to Summer Lake for the opening of duck hunting season. As pack hike leaders with @thenorthwestdog, they’ve hiked at McDowell Creek Falls, and Spencer Butte. Future trips include Painted Hills and Newbury Volcano in Deschutes National Forest,

We talked extensively about where to go and what to do at Banff National Park of Canada. Their favorite hikes were Sulphur Mountain, Johnston Canyon, and Lake Louise. They stayed in Canmore, on the south east edge of the park, and visited Quarry Lake, which has a large off leash area for dogs! Gillian especially mentioned the Fairmont Banff Springs Hotel as a cool location to visit with your pups if you are interested in history and architecture. The hotel is amazingly dog friendly!

Mally and Apollo’s biothane collars are from @goodwolfdesignco. Gillian uses organic paw balm and bandanas from @thenorthwestdog, @cedarcide bug repellant for both the pups and humans, and @whyld_river Doggy Bag sleeping bag for their camping adventures.

Gillian’s shoutouts go to her family (mom, stepdad, and brother) for their continuous IG support, her husband for raising and training two fabulous dogs, and real life friends @aksel_the_gsd who’s always down for a hike, and @mister_mogul with lots of raw feeding info. Another shoutout to @thenorthwestdog and the pack for all of the dog community support and awesome photography.

Thanks for listening!


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