Ep 1: Anna @adventure.yuki


Today’s episode is all about a new adventure, the beginning of Adventure Dog Podcast! I interview Anna @Adventure.yuki about her snow loving Utah dog that goes skiing, trail running, and bikepacking. Anna shared an amazing list of her favorite instagram accounts, all listed here:

@adventures.with.willow, @bandits_mighty_adventures, @baxter.the.lil.gentleman,  @blue_willy, @dreamerdeus, @duodoggos, @finnyschminny, @theperintonpup,  @twodogstraveling, @wally_the_dood, @zephyr.treks

One of the products that she mentioned using for traveling is the splash free Kurgo Wander dog bowl, which works well in the car. For getting used to the water, Anna used the Ruffwear Float Coat dog life jacket.

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